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Live a Healthy Lifestyle with KickTrix

Posted on - 8th November 2017

We all know how hard and uncomfortable it can be to get fit and remain fit. At KickTrix we not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but we want to support everyone in doing so. With KickTrix you can make a difference wherever you take your product, whether that be in the garden, in your bedroom, or on holiday with the family, our easy to empty and fill system makes the KickTrix easily transportable to allow you to train whenever you can.

We sent a KickTrix unit to Pinehill Hospital and received an honest opinion first hand from professional Physiotherapists, and not only was the response extremely positive, they tried and tested the product on clients with developing lower body muscles and received the same feedback. KickTrix has been proven to benefit the user. Accompanied with a healthy diet and full body exercise KickTrix can make the difference between loosing the motivation to remain fit and healthy, and falling into the trap of comfortability.

Watch our video of KickTrix at Pinehill Hospital here.

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