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Championship Edition

Posted on - 7th November 2017

As league football comes to a close football fans across the globe go into a meltdown, or at least that’s the case when there’s no International football on the horizon. Luckily for us it’s been four years since the EURO tournament of 2012 hosted by Poland and Ukraine, and that means one thing. Bring on the summer!

France is the host this year, and given the consistency of form and strength throughout their squad this season they look to be a favourite to lift the trophy, although England’s pre-tournament run saw them fail to win only twice of the 10 qualifiers played. A strong 2-0 victory over this year’s hosts, and a resilient comeback to defeat Germany in Berlin proved the latest breed of England players seem up to the challenge, but until the pressure of the tournament sinks in from June 10th onwards we’ve no idea how anyone will perform!

To celebrate the EURO 2016 tournament we have decided to bring you all an exclusive limited edition KickTrix™ design, the Championship Edition! Sporting the strong blue, white and red of the home nation this year, we hope this design stands out from the rest!

There won’t be many, so if you’d like to get your hands on one before they’re gone follow the link below or click the image above!

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